Trenčín - City on the River

Competition site

Site and context Print

The site is located directly in the heart of Trenčín, stretching between the historic city centre beneath the castle rock and both waterfronts of the River Váh. The site boundary and description of the context is illustrated on the enclosed aerial view map :

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Character and identity Print

The character of the city stems from old and new stories, the atmosphere, the river and the city’s picturesque setting in a valley surrounded by green mountains.

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Potential and value Print

The city of Trenčín has undoubtedly a huge potential, repeatedly defined and reflected through its surroundings as well as its citizens, who consider the following qualities as the most important:

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Competition objectives Print

The City of Trenčín perceives the connection between the city centre and the river as a key to its strategic growth. The key result of the competition will be therefore not only to devise a barrier free connection for pedestrians and cyclists between the existing city centre and the site, but also a proposal for further development of programme and functions, which could catalyse sustainable development of the city and the region through a sensitive and balanced integration of the urban and natural environment.

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